What is Dry Salt Therapy

Dry Salt Therapy, also called Halotherapy is an all-natural, 200 year old treatment that has been known to help relieve respiratory conditions, boost the immune system and enhance overall wellness. It’s widely recognized as a safe, complementary form of respiratory care throughout Europe, where it was initially developed and clinically researched. It’s been used in spas, hospitals and treatment centers as a go-to for effective respiratory relief and pro-active respiratory wellness. 

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A Sought After Natural Treatment

Dry Salt Therapy is the soothing and breathable way to

Relieve allergy symptoms

Expel respiratory irritants

Clear airways

Improve breathing

Feel energized

Sleep better

It is often recommended by doctors, wellness practitioners and athletes

Inspired by

The Healing Powers of Nature

  • Respiratory Detox

    You can’t control the air you breathe, but now you have a way to get the bad stuff out. Salt Stone dispenses a microscopic aerosol of pure pharmaceutical grade salt that when breathed in, can reach deep into the lungs to help capture and expel allergens, pollutants, toxins and other harmful and irritating particles, in as little as 5 minutes a day. 

  • Respiratory Performance

    Dry Salt Therapy has been the best-kept secret among elite athletes who use the treatment to help boost oxygen capacity for increased stamina and energy. Salt Stone can help dissipate mucus, decrease inflammation and help keep airways open. Supercharge your performance like a pro, from the comfort of your home or office.

  • Immunity Boost

    Microscopic salt particles are antibacterial and antiviral when breathed-in as dry salt aerosol. They help cleanse the respiratory tract of the things that make us sick, which often enter our bodies through the nose and mouth. Salt Stone can positively influence the immune system and help boost the body’s natural germ-fighting defenses.

  • Free Breathing

    Mucus gets a bad rap but in unrestricted airways, it helps trap and expel harmful particles. Too much mucus, however, caused from everyday irritants in the air makes it difficult to breathe and diminishes respiratory performance. Salt Stone can empower the lungs self-cleaning ability to clear airways –so you can breathe easy. 

The Magic of Salt

Salt is an ionic compound, consisting of a crystal, lattice structure of the two ions Na+ and Cl-. Under a microscope, a crystal of salt can be seen as a cubic formation. This structure is what allows salt crystals that are inhaled through dry salt therapy to capture irritants, toxins, allergens, bacteria and viruses and assist in cleansing the lungs. 

Nature Inspired Technology

Salt Stone was inspired by the stacks of rocks that are often found at the edge of a seashore or on a hiking trail to mark a path. We used this form to house our patented, miniaturized halogenerator and provide the calming and healing benefits of both organic design and nature-based therapy. 

My Friend The Sea’s mission is to harness the efficacy of nature and empower the act of breathing to be it’s best, most productive and healthiest, everyday, everywhere.

The Salt Stone Story

3 Friends Who Couldn’t Catch A Breath!

People bond over different things. Respiratory issues happen to be one of them.

Jason, Carlos and Sara have known each other for 10 years. Shared professional backgrounds in marketing, advertising and journalism fueled a lasting friendship through the sniffles of allergy season, coughs of cold season and most recently, the shared fear of respiratory illness, caused by the pandemic, rising urban air pollution, increasing wildfires in the U.S. and overall decline in the quality of the air we breathe. 

It’s often during trying times that silver linings emerge and My Friend The Sea is one of those shining lights.

  • The Beginning

    In 2018, Jason and Carlos had been exploring Dry Salt Therapy based on their own research and personal needs. They opened a successful spa in Greenport, NY then expanded by opening the largest luxury dry salt treatment center in the U.S., located in Manhattan’s SoHo neighborhood. But the new spa was short lived - New York City was shut down in March 2020, 6 weeks after it opened.

    This is when need, desire and inspiration among the three partners turned disappointment into initiative. Frustrated with the at-home respiratory relief solutions that were messy to use and only treated the upper airways,

  • the partners decided to figure out how to bring professional-level dry salt therapy to the home so people had a natural and effective way — especially in the midst of a pandemic that brutally attacked the respiratory system — to help clean both the upper and lower respiratory system from harmful air.

    During the early days of the pandemic, the Salt Stone was created, designed and engineered as a breakthrough device, able to bring professional level treatment to the home environment - beautifully, effectively and easily. 

Meet The Founders

  • Sara Arnell

    Advertising CEO, Author and Professor at Parsons School of Design

    Allergies. Immunocompromised

  • Carlos Lamarche

    TV personality, Journalist


  • Jason Lundy

    Marketing and Communications CMO at Moet Hennessy, Citibank, Departures

    Sleep Apnea